Friday, January 11th, is the last day I am accepting any work for second quarter.  Second quarter makeup lab will be Friday, January 11th, before school (6:30). 
If you're interested, you can sign up for class text alerts.  I send out reminders for webassign, tests, and other things going on in class.  Text the appropriate code from the list below to 720-336-4523.

1st- @593c
3rd- @silicon
4th- @antimony
5th- @iodine
7th- @germanium
8th- @rubidium
Answers to the acid-base practice problems we worked on in class 3/22 are posted under class materials.  Skip #11-it is to ambiguous.
_Check out this's pretty awesome.
Use the temperature of the cool water bath to look up the density of water.  Use the temperature of the hot water bath in the PV=nRT calculation (convert to Kelvin).
The test will be Tuesday 2/7.  You'd better really know your stuff...
Good news...I am moving the test to Friday 2/3.  Thermodynamics HW will be due then.
I've added a page with links to good thermochem videos if you're having trouble solving these types of problems.  Find it under "Class materials".
Remember to work on your review packets...they are due 1/19/12 (the last day of the quarter).  We will go over the answers in class and you will be able to keep the packets with the correct answers as study material for the The Big Exam.  I know 4 months seems like a long time until the test, but you already have 4 months of material behind your belt that you need to remember.  We're half-way there. 
Qualitative Analysis unknown lab will be 11/30.  If you plan to do the lab in the morning you MUST be on time or you will not be able to complete the lab.