On Wednesday, 9/11, you have a test and a notebook check.  The test will cover experimental design, measurement, metric conversions, density, scientific notation, and lab safety.  Notebooks should be complete, have an updated table of contents, have a summary for each essential question (at least 3 sentences) and 3 questions per page on the left side. 
Welcome back to school everybody!  While you're out doing your school shopping, pick up a scientific or graphing calculator, and a spiral bound notebook.  See you in class!

Friday, January 11th, is the last day I am accepting any work for second quarter.  Get it done!
If you're interested, you can sign up for class text alerts.  I send out reminders for webassign, tests, and other things going on in class.  Text the appropriate code from the list below to 720-336-4523.

1st- @593c
3rd- @silicon
4th- @antimony
5th- @iodine
7th- @
Despite being told numerous times, many of you are not bringing calculators to class.  You should be bringing one every day.  If you do not have one, get one.  It does not need to be a graphing calculator, but it does need to be a scientific calculator.  I like the TI-30's but any scientific calculator works.  TI-30's are under $10 at Walmart and Target.
Your next test is 11/22.  It will cover wavelength, frequency, energy, photons, the Bohr model, orbitals, and electron configuration.
Do it!!!

We will have a test Monday, 10/24.  Yes, it is right after fall break...sorry...but I am giving you a full day of review work before you leave for break.  You should know the following:
  • Atomic theory history (there will be an essay question on this)
  • Classification of matter (mixtures, substances, etc.)
  • Conservation of mass
  • Physical and chemical change
  • Structure of the atom
  • Strong nuclear force
  • Isotopes
  • Products vs Reactants
  • Average atomic mass
  • Nuclear decay
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Radiation
  • Half-life
Matter Classification quiz on Thursday. 
Starting right now, students will have a WebAssign assignment that opens every Monday morning and is due Sunday at midnight.  Instructions for WebAssign were given out in class and are found under Study Help.  Students have internet access at the school in the morning, at lunch, and after school.  If a student needs to print their assignment and turn it in on paper due to limited internet access, that is acceptable.  Contact Carr with any questions.