Your first chance to take the 100% test will be Monday, 10/17.  You will get 8 chemicals where you have to write the formula, and 8 chemicals where you have to write the name.  The link below has some pre-made flashcards you can print to help memorize the polyatomic ions.

You can use the flashcards online or you can print them out using the print icon at the bottom.  I like the business layout for flashcards...just print double sided and b
You've got a test coming 10/25.  Yes, this is right after fall break, but I am giving you a full day of review work before break so you should come back ready to rock this.  You should know the following:
  • Atomic theory history (there will be an essay question on this)
  • Classification of matter (mixtures, substances, etc.)
  • Conservation of mass
  • Physical and chemical change
  • Structure of the atom
  • Isotopes
  • Ions
  • Products vs Reactants
  • Average atomic mass
  • Percent Composition
  • Nomenclature (you can use your pink sheet on this test)