Welcome back to school everybody!  While you're out doing your school shopping, pick up a scientific or graphing calculator, and a spiral bound notebook.  See you in class!
Friday, January 11th, is the last day I am accepting any work for second quarter.  Get it done!
If you're interested, you can sign up for class text alerts.  I send out reminders for webassign, tests, and other things going on in class.  Text the appropriate code from the list below to 720-336-4523.

1st- @593c
3rd- @silicon
4th- @antimony
5th- @iodine
7th- @germanium
8th- @rubidium
Despite being told numerous times, many of you are not bringing calculators to class.  You should be bringing one every day.  If you do not have one, get one.  It does not need to be a graphing calculator, but it does need to be a scientific calculator.  I like the TI-30's but any scientific calculator works.  TI-30's are under $10 at Walmart and Target.
The test on the electronic structure of the atom will be Wednesday
If you'd like a better score on your thermochem test, you can do test corrections to get to a 70% or if you do the assignment below (from the book) I'll add 5 points to your grade whichever is higher.  This is due March 5th.

Ch 6:1,7,32,34
Ch 12:53,61,71,94
Yes, one of the answers (#4) is wrong.  It should be 276 not 297.  Sorry for causing angst.
The thermochemistry test will be Friday 2/10.  Especially study the labs- you can get your graded labs out of the "out" box.  Number 3 on the review should say that methanol is CH3OH.
Because it is the end of the quarter and because I didn't get to teach you anything this week, you get a week off from Webassign.  Enjoy!
Answers are posted under "Class Materials".  Good Luck!